How It Works

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Setting-up an account with us is easy. Simply sign-up, choose a number, and activation happens instantly. Our system allows for for users to take advantage of unlimited extensions, making it simple for callers to get ahold of the right person at the right time. If you need help setting up your account, we can guide you through the Online Control Center and help you set-up call forwarding and PBX features.

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Users our online control panel, management of an account is painless and potent, meaning users can set rules for call forwarding as straightforward as possible. Set time-of-day or day-of-week rules so that all incoming calls that occur during these times are forwarded to a dedicated extension. Sequential ringing assures that if the first number listed on your account does not answer, calls will be forwarded to additional numbers listed on the account.

Worried about the network going down, and missing calls? Our failover routing to different extensions uses a combination of up to 15 PSTN numbers or SIP devices to answer the call, should the network experience hiccups. Should an SIP device miss an incoming call, you can have the call forwarded to another destination instantly.  In addition to forwarding calls through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN), is able to route phone calls across the internet.

Our comprehensive, customizable voicemail menu permits account managers to record their own menu, and we will manage where the calls are sent, based on the rules set in the control center. Have faxes sent directly to your email address as a .PDF or a .TIFF to save costs on paper and avoid clutter. Sending important voicemails to a business email address for employees to have access to, saving time and patience by eliminating organizational issues.

Using gives small businesses a universally-effective telecommunication system to branch out, or just better manage their existing business. Our package of features are as innovative as they are efficacious.