Vanity 800 Numbers and Marketing Analytics: Strategies and Results

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By assigning more than one toll-free vanity number (or local number or any number) to different advertising strategies, businesses can determine which ads are generating the most valuable responses. This strategy is called call tracking. With one vanity number, for example, on a website, another on a billboard campaign and a third in a series of newspaper ads, call tracking allows a company to clearly see which ad medium generated the most calls, the most conversions, the most sales, etc. This service is offered by many different firms that specialize in marketing analytics. Different businesses use the service differently, but several features should be universal to all call-tracking campaigns.

Case Study #1: Paychex

Vanity 800 Numbers with Paychex A company specializing in payroll, human resources and benefits outsourcing, called Paychex, hired an analytical firm specializing in call tracking. Paychex received a large chunk of its inquires from phone calls, and previously had relied on a rudimentary system of asking callers how they had heard about the company or which ad they had seen. With more than 12,000 employees in 100 offices serving more than a half million businesses, this system was grossly inadequate.

After just one year of analytical call measurement, tracking and attribution, Paychex increased paid search lead volume by a full 98 percent. Perhaps more importantly, CPA dropped by 43 percent. The time that Paychex had to spend reporting and assessing their ad campaigns was cut in half.

Case Study #2: VersaTube


Vanity 800 Numbers with Versatube


VersaTube, a supplier of DIY building kits, underwent a massive marketing overhaul, the first and most important element of which was a call-tracking program. The company steering VersaTube’s new strategy used call tracking to differentiate whether calls were originating from VersaTube’s website, Google ads or their email campaign.

They replaced the phone numbers in all three ad locations with unique, trackable numbers. Year over year, VersaTube increased leads by 208 percent, while seeing an increase in sales of 89 percent. Moreover, they integrated their call-tracking software into their existing Google Analytics account, allowing them to constantly monitor any future changes.


There are a large number of marketing specialty firms that offer call-tracking services — most of which include vanity 800 numbers. Their services, price structures and potential benefits vary widely depending on the size, industry, age and location of the client business. There are, however, several universal features that should be consistent to any call-tracking service your business considers hiring.

The service should track keywords, ad groups, campaigns and ads within pay-per-click campaigns that lead to phone calls. It should track calls that originate from both third-party referring links as well as specific search channels. Your service should provide aggregate-level tracking and trace calls back to specific placements in display campaigns.

Call tracking adds fuel to the already powerful marketing boost provided by vanity 800 numbers. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and can boost advertising simply by becoming part of the company’s name, as in 1-800-LAWYERS. Whether it’s to determine what the company’s full-time vanity number will be, or to track which ad campaign is working the best, call tracking backs up vanity numbers with a powerful analytical strategy. Make sure your provider offers the services you need — and no more. This will ensure you don’t pay for features your campaign doesn’t require.