Task Outsourcing Made Easy with an International Virtual Number

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With modern communications technology, the ease of task outsourcing has brought business productivity to an all time high, particularly within the information technology industry. Rather than move entire operations abroad, IT businesses can delegate small tasks to qualified candidates anywhere in the world, optimizing workflow while freeing up in-house workers for more important enterprises.


Outsourcing Small Tasks

Task outsourcing internationally can help to increase productivity while keeping payroll overheads to a minimum. The current shift in popularity from long term to short term contracts is largely thanks to the cost efficiency with which businesses can now communicate with international contractors. Short term, small task outsourcing allows employers optimum flexibility while enabling IT businesses to break the chains of the traditional IT outsourcing model, wherein contracts have prevented time efficient response to changes in consumer trends in the past. This rapid skilled employee turnover works to increase business resource pools, creating an efficient task network and bringing fresh perspective to business operations.

Optimizing Task Outsourcing

Miscommunication can be a major problem in task outsourcing operations. New employees are generally unfamiliar with business standards and project specifications, so opening a cheap and effective channel of communications is an essential step in the outsourcing process. With the rapidly growing popularity of web communications, many businesses make the mistake of conducting international employee relations almost entirely through email, project forum and instant messaging outlets, which can breed misunderstanding and hinder productivity. Rather than pay the crippling costs of standard international calling, businesses can now enable affordable voice communication with international workers through the activation of an international virtual number.

International Virtual Numbers


International virtual numbers are forwarding numbers that allow workers outside the US to communicate with project co-workers by calling a number that is local to their area and country code. Calls to these numbers are automatically forwarded to a predetermined US line at no cost to the international employee. Virtual numbers generally come with the following features that make task outsourcing communications cheap, easy and efficient for IT businesses:

  • Cost Benefits: International virtual numbers require no equipment purchase or installation, making activation completely free. Most good virtual number providers offer no contract service, enabling companies outsourcing internationally on an infrequent basis to activate and deactivate service as needed. Virtual numbers can be routed both traditionally and through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). By primarily using VoIP technology to route calls, virtual numbers help businesses to avoid the high roaming and toll charges that are generally associated with international communications.

  • International Business Expansion: Once activated, an international virtual number need not be reserved for the sole usage of long distance contractors. These numbers have proven useful to many businesses in recruiting international clientele, creating a local presence feel that cultivates a level of comfort between business and client.

  • Unlimited Global Outsourcing: International virtual numbers offer a level of flexibility that traditional lines cannot attain. Virtual numbers can be managed through an online control center that enables the activation and deactivation of international numbers as needed. Without the line limits that most telecom companies impose, companies can outsource small tasks across the globe with minimal telecommunications management.