From the Office to Your Pocket: Phone Call Forwarding Knows No Bounds

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Call centers have advanced substantially since their inception. Leaders have taken a very systematic and strategic approach to refining and making nearly every area increasingly more efficient. Even seemingly insignificant factors like call duration, queue management, peak hours, and the number of keystrokes required to complete a transaction are factored in, and leadership maintains a keen eye on these types of metrics. Collectively, a number of small, key areas dominate the performance of productivity.

Like call forwarding.

Phone Call Forwarding

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What is Call Forwarding?

Every call center employee utilizes call forwarding, and yet some of the best features go unused. Call forwarding is responsible for the queue, as well as a host of other forwarding features. But it does a lot more than that, especially for managers and owners.

When a customer dials into the main number, it usually is directed to a menu. The menus usually begin along the lines of “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish.” After being directed to a language, it may prompt “Press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service. “ After several menus and sub-menus, the call is forwarded to the queue where it belongs.

How do I use it?

Call Forwarding also applies to those who are out of the office, travelling, or otherwise not at their desk. Setting up a find me/follow me is a great solution for effective communication, and be easily enabled or disabled. Find me/follow me options allow forwarding to a specific number, such as a cell phone or home phone. It can be programmed to run in a pre-determined sequence. Moreover, this can ring to more than one person; it can ring to a specific department, and if the call goes unanswered, it transfers to another department after a predetermined amount of rings defined by the user.

Simultaneous ring also provides a value benefit, as it allows multiple phones to ring simultaneously. This is especially helpful for workers who remain on the go and are frequently in and out of the office. Setting up simultaneous ring or find me/follow me requires a user portal, and is very intuitive – it usually only takes a few minutes.

One of the greatest benefits of all, however, is the scalability. Don’t have an entire contact center? No problem – the same software you use for your business now will grow as you grow, and will evolve as your company evolves. This flexibility, in conjunction with the scalability, makes for a lasting business solution that doesn’t require new equipment with incremental growth. The same support you receive with one or two lines is the same you’d expect from a multi-location distribution hub, or a large contact center.

Phone Call Forwarding

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Call forwarding is a topic that isn’t often discussed in business growth, but should be integrated into every unified communications solution – or, for that matter, every business model. Call forwarding is an essential function of a business’s vitality. Often, the ability to reach decision makers, leadership, and sales reps can mean the difference in selling a unit or a customer calling a competitor.

What has been your favorite feature of call forwarding? Comment below with tips for how you’ve successfully grown your business.